Gremi Park changes into Alvernia Planet

27 February 2018

Alvernia Planet is the new official name of the complex formerly operating as Gremi Park. At the same time it is the name of the project aiming at transforming this place and giving it a completely new purpose - entertainment and education park that uses latest technologies including Virtual and Augmented Reality.

New opportunities for business

Katarzyna Kucharczyk, "Rzeczpospolita", 18 October 2017

Technology | The value of virtual and augmented reality market is growing at an impressive pace. Global and domestic companies are making hay while the sun shines.

The value of the VR market will exceed $ 2 billion this year and in eight years it will increase to $ 35 billion – according to Goldman Sachs forecast. Approximately $ 90 billion have been invested in this market since 2012. According to forecasts, in 2025 nearly one third of the VR market will be represented by video games, and the next spot will belong to live events sector – various events, fairs and mass events.

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Gremi Park - Your New Reality. Augmented and Virtual.

Modern AR and VR technologies have made their way into entertainment. Soon, they will become a part of our daily life and in time, they might blend into reality in a way that all realities will become difficult to tell apart. The biggest center in Poland that unites them all under one roof is being built near Cracow. This is Gremi Park, the most recent investment by Grzegorz Hajdarowicz.

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More companies start recognizing the potential of augmented and virtual reality

Michał Duszczyk, "Rzeczpospolita", 12 October 2017

Innovations | AR and VR technologies, which have so far been associated mainly with entertainment, will increasingly be used in business. The medical, real estate, logistics and tourism sectors have already invested in it. And this is just the beginning of the revolution.
By the year 2021, goggles used by the technologies of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will reach 81 million to nearly 100 million buyers - predicts IDC and CCS Insight. The demand for these devices is expected to grow at an average of 56% annually. Experts have no doubt that the AR and VR market has a bright future ahead. Gartner analysts have no doubts: they are the key technologies of the coming years. And they listed them next to artificial intelligence or internet of things.

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Gremi Park bets on AR and VR

Adam Roguski, "Rzeczpospolita", 22 September 2017

INVESTMENTS | Grzegorz Hajdarowicz and his company will develop technologies of augmented and virtual reality. Investment may reach € 50 million. The dynamic development of AR and VR technologies (augmented reality and virtual reality) are new areas of interest for Grzegorz Hajdarowicz. This is the rationale behind Gremi Group’s purchase of the Alvernia Studio’s space.

The futuristic complex is associated with the biggest and most modern film studio in Poland, with credits such as Agnieszka Holland's “Burning Bush”, Jerzy Skolimowski's “Essential Killing”, Nicholas Jarecki's “Arbitrage”, Filip Bajon's “Maiden’s Vows” or “Disco Polo” by Maciej Bochniak. Grzegorz Hajdarowicz has, as a matter of fact produced several pictures himself, however, it was not this field that attracted the entrepreneur to Nieporaz located nearby Krakow.

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Nobias European Studios reinforces its production capacity through Strategic Partnership with Alvernia Planet

September 25, 2023, Lisbon – Krakow

Lisbon-based media group Nobias European Studios SA (NES) and Krakow -located production complex Alvernia Planet Sp. z o.o, sign Strategic Partnership Agreement allowing  access to tax-rebatable VFX and post-production capacity in the four EU locations in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Poland, in an effort to build capacity for its technology to be deployed for customer service, entertainment and ecommerce products and services across the European continent..

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