An exceptional place in the middle of Europe


The main Alvernia Planet complex consists of buildings with a total area of 17,425 m2 including 13 domes connected by glazed passages and a second complex of buildings. The total area of the property owned by Alvernia Planet is 14.21 ha. There is a parking lot with 180 spaces near the buildings, with a possibility of extension to 1000 spaces..

This extraordinary place is located between Krakow and Katowice, close to the border of two voivodeships (provinces) – małopolskie and śląskie inhabited by 8 mln people within a 100 km radius, in close proximity to Krakow - a city visited by 12 mln tourists a year.

Communication / Neighborhood

Alvernia Planet is located in Nieporaz, right next to the A4 highway stretching over the south Poland from the border with Germany in the West to the border with Ukraine in the East. The proximity of a highway junction Rudno makes it easily accessible both from Krakow (33 km from the city center) and from Katowice (46 km from the city center). 

There are two big airports close to the complex – Krakow – Balice and Katowice-Pyrzowice, which service a total of over 8 mln passenger a year.

Except for the advantages related to communication, the surroundings also deserve attention. The closest neighborhood includes green areas of Tenczynski Park Krajobrazowy (Tenczynek Landscape Park) and ruins of the castle in Tenczyn.

The Alvernia Planet project

The project will transform a futuristic complex of 13 domes into a unique theme and education park. It will use the most modern technological and audio-visual solutions, mainly VR/AR technology, holograms, optical art and light illusions.

The project proposes the creation of 13 stellar parks, with Alvernia Planet being the first stage of the project. Twelve additional locations will be selected around the world and developed as franchises. The franchises will cover the overall concept of park creation, specific unique architecture, scenario, IPR, BMS, and additionally recommended technology partners and subcontractors. Their final location must account for the synergy effect of individual facilities and prevent direct competition.



  • Electric connection (15 kV/400 V) of up to 9 MW, two power generators (1056 kW each) with 12 000 litres oil tanks, two power supplies 160 kVA and one 300 kVA, three independent networks of power instalation
  • Gas connection for heating
  • Water connection with Eurowater filter systems
  • Biological Treatment Plant


  • TRANE roof tops ventilation with heating and cooling for each building
  • Local Area Network (WiFi area every where, Cisco network devices in each dome)
  • WAN: fiber optic connection or point to point connection (no limits bandwidth)
  • Physical Security: CCTV Videotec cameras, microwave barriers, wire fens, biometric access control TAC and SUPREME Inc. to each area, ESSER fire detection system,
  • 24/7 security

VR applications