Gremi Park bets on AR and VR

Adam Roguski, "Rzeczpospolita", 22 September 2017 

INVESTMENTS | Grzegorz Hajdarowicz and his company will develop technologies of augmented and virtual reality. Investment may reach € 50 million.

The dynamic development of AR and VR technologies (augmented reality and virtual reality) are new areas of interest for Grzegorz Hajdarowicz. This is the rationale behind Gremi Group’s purchase of the Alvernia Studio’s space.

The futuristic complex is associated with the biggest and most modern film studio in Poland, with credits such as Agnieszka Holland's “Burning Bush”, Jerzy Skolimowski's “Essential Killing”, Nicholas Jarecki's “Arbitrage”, Filip Bajon's “Maiden’s Vows” or “Disco Polo” by Maciej Bochniak. Grzegorz Hajdarowicz has, as a matter of fact produced several pictures himself, however, it was not this field that attracted the entrepreneur to Nieporaz located nearby Krakow.


“Alvernia Studio, founded by Stanisław Tyczynski, will continue to be involved in film production, as a separate entity, while the activity connected with new technologies, introduced by Stanisław Tyczyński, will be developed and implemented by the new company - Gremi Park,” declares Grzegorz Hajdarowicz “AR and VR are technologies that were created a few decades ago, but only today are experiencing the greatest development. They are used not only in cinematography and entertainment, but also - to a greater extent - in business, marketing, communication, culture, science and medicine. It is enough to mention that Apple has just introduced augmented reality in the latest iOS 11. Altogether, it is the best moment to invest in this growing and prospective area,” he adds.

The value of the Gremi Park project is estimated at around € 100 million (nearly PLN 430 million). Out of this, € 50 million is represented by the value of the real estate property - stretching over 13 hectares of land and comprising of modern buildings with an area of 16.5 thousand square meters. The other half is the value of the pre-estimated expenditures necessary to create an AR/VR center.

Gremi Park will seek to attract outside investors. NewConnect debut is not out of the question.

“We invest in technologies with enormous potential. Just like Alvernia Studio, put in the same line with famous labels like Pinewood and Babelsberg, has overtaken the technological capabilities of Polish cinema by years, now it's time for another milestone. The complex is well connected with the A4 highway and is located in one of the largest population centers in Europe: 8 million inhabitants within a 100 km radius,” concludes Hajdarowicz.

The entrepreneur is the major shareholder of KCI, a parent company to Gremi Media, the publisher of “Rzeczpospolita” and “Parkiet”. ©℗

Industry conference in October
What potential lies in AR and VR technologies?
On October 24, 2017, the AR & VR Tech Summit will be held at the Gremi Park in Nieporaz near Krakow.
Experts and practitioners will try to answer the question of whether virtual reality is a temporary fashion or a technology that will revolutionize our life. What are the strongest trends in the development of these technologies in which industries and sectors they will be used and in what perspective?

The conference program includes expert speeches, case studies and debates. Three thematic paths were planned: AR/VR in video games, in medicine and the Polish VR startup section.